Personal Protection
If you would like to make sure that your loved ones are financially cared for when you are gone you should consider life assurance as a part of your financial planning. If your family are dependant on your income then you may also want to consider Income Protection and/or Critical Illness Cover. This will give you peace of mind that those close to you will be looked after if something unexpected comes out of the blue.

Business Protection
Business Protection is often important to provide a lump sum in the event of the death or critical illness of a director/shareholder that can be used by the surviving directors/shareholders to maintain the business. The terms of payment will often be included in a shareholders agreement.



11 September 2019

St Nicholas School defibrillator donation

Mander Duffill has become actively involved with St Nicholas School during the year, initially arranging a Community Day where members of the firm volunteered to help paint various outside areas ... Read more

10 September 2019

Mander Duffill Community Day – 29 August 2019

Volunteers from the firm spent a day at St Nicholas School in Chippenham, painting various outside areas to create a brighter and more stimulating playground. Each area of the playground ... Read more

5 September 2019

Enews – September 2019

In this month’s eNews we consider on Customs EORI numbers, calls to simplify apprenticeships and advice for trusts. We also report on the latest guidance for employers and a reminder ... Read more