Health and Safety Checklist

Health and Safety Checklist

If not already in place, the following are practical steps you should take today:

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1. Is an Employer’s Liability Insurance Certificate displayed?
2. Is a Health and Safety Poster displayed?
3. Have all outstanding tasks from previous risk assessments been completed?
4. Are there sufficient Fire Marshalls?
5. Are there sufficient Fire Action Notices displayed to inform staff of the procedures to take in the event of a fire?
6. Are all new recruits advised of the Health and Safety procedures?
7. Is the fire alarm tested regularly?
8. When was it last tested and by whom?
9. When were the fire extinguishers last tested?
10. Is the first aid box complete and available to all staff?
11. Are there sufficient trained first aiders?
12. Is there an accident book and is it being used?
13. When was the last time portable electrical equipment was tested by an electrician?
14. Is the electrical equipment labelled and dated with the test?
15. Have risk assessments of display equipment been undertaken within the last 12 months?
16. Is everyone aware of their right to free eye tests?
17. Are all items of mechanical cutting equipment adequately guarded (shredders, guillotines etc.)?
18. Are filing cabinets where more than one drawer can be opened at a time bolted down?
19. Have staff been advised to take precautions when changing toner cartridges?
20. Are trolleys etc. provided to assist in the manual handling of loads?
21. Are heavy, frequently used items stored on waist level shelves?
22. Are steps available for reaching items stored at height?
23. Is lighting adequate and in good working order?
24. Is there a suitably marked drinking water supply available?
25. Are passage ways clear of tripping hazards eg cables, boxes, rubbish etc.?
26. Are the tops of cabinets clear of heavy items that could fall?
27. Are all entrances and exits in good working order (no grease, broken slabs, poor lighting etc.)?
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